Created in 1979, our companies focus was to create an extremely stain & chemical resistant material which could withstand the rigours of laboratory bench top use. Our unique solid surface formulae utilises a blend of high quality resins and fillers (referred to as a polymer hybrid) to provide what is arguably the world’s most stain and chemical solid surface available, which has been independently tested and trialled on an international platform for almost 40 years. Our materials are utilised by thousands of International acclaimed brands around the world. Clients of ours include McDonalds, Westfield’s Shopping Centres & Virgin Airlines to name a few.

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Marblo® has been at the forefront of the solid surface market for almost 40 years due to the materials excellent chemical & stain resistance qualities. Our bath ware draw on the companies’ history & clever chemistry background to provide an extremely durable and hard wearing surface.

Unlike traditional or more commonly used materials such as ceramics, Marblo® products look and feel better – they are warm to the touch and softer in appearance. For your comfort all Marblo® products are supplied with a 10 year limited warranty which is backed by a company with a reputation spanning almost 40 years.


When you make the choice to invest in a Marblo® product, the return on your investment is quality and longevity.

Extremely stain resistant our products are easy to clean and designed to last for years of every use. Minor scratches, or scuffing which can develop over prolonged everyday use can be easily refinished with marginal effort to reveal a brand new surface. A Marblo® product is manufactured to last, unlike non branded or generically labelled ‘stone’ products, rest assured that a Marblo® product has been made sparing no expense and using the latest technology, highest quality materials and most stringent quality assurance.

All of our bath ware are available in an elegant white colour known as ‘white snow’.


Our products are offered in two standard finishes;

Designer ‘matte’ finish (special order)

Showroom ‘semi-gloss’ finish (ex-stock standard)

This gives you the flexibility to match the look of your accessory to the other finishes in your room.


Although we can manufacture our products in vibrant or darker tones, over the years we have found that darker colours will scratch more obtrusively and require further maintenance which can get costly. Therefore if you’re looking for something a little different or unique, a range of other decorative options are available;


-3 dimensional surface etching

-Semi-precious metal finishes

The above can be applied externally to any of our products by approved 3rd party applicators relatively easily and at a nominal cost. Visit our Decorative Finishes page for more information & feel free to contact your nearest Marblo® office for a listing of applicators.

Marblo® do not sell our products directly to you the consumer, rather we rely on a network of just over 600 loyal and professional resellers across the world to display and promote our brand.

To find your closest reseller please visit our Find a Retailer page which also details which of our products are on display in each showroom, or feel free to email our office for more guidance.


Marblo® also have ‘Experience centres’ (by appointment) located in Sydney & Manila which have been purpose built in order to showcase our Brand in its entirety. Here you can take your time to view our complete product range, try our baths for comfort, and learn more about our materials and their general care & maintenance.

Feel free to contact your local office to schedule an appointment.

Stock levels vary between countries & distributors, although typically at Marblo® we carry high levels of our products to ensure that there’s always a Marblo® product readily available. Typically we dispatch orders once a week. In the event that we happen to be out of stock for any reason, or in the case of special order items usually taking between 4-8 weeks to arrive.

As the name suggests, our ‘designer’ range of products were specifically designed by a carefully commissioned team of senior designers, who took the time and care not only to create sculptural & aesthetic pieces – but to study the human form and consider the ergonomics of each and every one of our products. Our Mojo collection of bath tubs and wash basins for example have a generous outer ledge profile, this means you have something to lean on whilst using the wash basin, a generous space to rest your head whilst bathing or simply a flat area to place your soap.

The internal composition of our materials mean that the baths will also retain heat for far longer than other products for longer lasting bathing. Whether you are after a large family bath or a smaller bath to enjoy some time out alone whilst reading a book, our expansive range ensures that you will find your perfect Marblo® companion for the journey.


We suggest that you visit your nearest retailer to get a better understanding of your long terms needs, and welcome you to try our products against your own body type requirements before you buy.

Installation of our products is relatively simple and we recommend that they are installed by licensed plumbers. You can also download Installation Recommendations or view our Installation Video on our web site. Clever engineering also means that most of our baths are supplied with an internal underside cavity which allows for flexibility during the installation process reducing the need for creating messy & costly floor penetrations.

All Marblo® products are supplied with a 15 Year Limited Warranty which is downloadable on our web site. Although we take every effort, we also recommend that you immediately inspect your products upon receipt to ensure they have not been damaged during transit or handling by courier companies. Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Marblo® products are made to last, refer to our Care & Maintenance for every day cleaning instructions. Our products may show light wear and tear with every day use, usually these are most noticeable during the first stages of use and over time the light marking will form what we call a ‘patina’ and in essence hone out and become less obtrusive over time. Our surfaces are easily refinished should any accidental and more significant minor damage occur.

Wash basins & Pedestals utilise a 32mm waste, whilst our bath tub utilise a 40mm waste.

Wastes are not typically included but can be sourced from your nearest bath showroom.

Our baths are made using a ‘light weight’ formulae which make them substantially lighter than traditional bathtubs and weights for most designs range from 90kg to 130kg depending on the design. This lightweight formulae makes it far easier & safer to carry and install, however, they are substantially heavier than a moulded acrylic counterpart.

Marblo® bath tubs have been cleverly designed in order that a fully integrated overflow option can be provided on request. This overflow is built into the actual bath wall lining which avoids the requirement create messy or unsightly holes in the products wall or attach obtrusive external plumbing.